Friday, 13 May 2016

Spring Chills

Hey guys! I hope you're all well and enjoying the on/off sunshine we've been having in London recently. I thought his outfit would be prefect the share because of that reason actually; some days I've been layers up more and other days a little less, depending on how much the sun wants to make an appearance.

The wide legged trouser and oversized jumper combination is one of my favourites; I love how "put together" it looks as well as being so comfortable to wear. The large nature of the clothes means movement isn't restricted at all and I don't feel so consumed and uncomfortable in case the sun does start peaking out as it leaves a little room for air. 

Items are listed below as usual; what have you guys been wearing in the recent weather? 

Beanie // Topman
Turtleneck // Topshop
Jumper // Forevee 21 
Pants // Handmade 
Shoes // Converse