Friday, 14 November 2014

A Glimpse of the Future

Last Friday was BBC's Children In Need Day and the theme for our costumes at school for sixth formers were '10 Years From Now'. My dreams of becoming a designer saw me dress up a little fancy. The jewellery I chose to wear as the statement piece for my outfit were bought while on holiday in Bangladesh last year, and I've teamed it with my print scarf from Whitechapel Market.

The jacket and shoes are from Primark and are pieces you've all seen on here before, but they're pieces which are comfortable to wear and dress any outfit up a little. The cold weather saw me layer a few tops together to keep myself warm, but are all items which you'd have similar items of lying around in your wardrobes. I am actually wearing a turtle neck underneath the top I have on, which also has gold zips along the side, which can't be seen in any of the photos above.

Jewellery // Bangladesh
Scarf // Whitechapel Market
Turtle Neck Top // River Island
T Shirt with Gold Zips (Not pictures) // River Island
Trousers // H&M
Heels // Primark

Monday, 23 June 2014


As a fashion fanatic and beauty junkie, I started blogging three years ago at the age of fourteen. Due to my lack of confidence with  a hobby which I really enjoyed, I soon gave up very quickly. Fast forward three years and here I am again.

My name is Fahmida and I am currently an A Level student living in London. Born and raised in London, I am here to bring you my musings as an artist. Fashion is my greatest passion and will be the majority of the content shared on this platform. You can expect to see my creations and ideas as well as general ramblings from a non stop talk-a-holic. Make-up and Beauty posts will also make appearances on here and so will general Photography of the things I enjoy.

I can't wait to get started again and back into the swing of things. I hope you can all enjoy my blog as much as I do and join me on this new adventure!

Fahmida x